Friday March 10, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part V: Glamour Assault
Note: "C.D.S." is an acronym for "Celeschul Defense Services." "Brass" is not an acronym, though enlisted men throughout history have been quick to point out that when you're field-stripping the word, you can discard the "b" and the "r," and then brandish a shorter, more meaningful term.


Captain Tagon: Paranoia check: if our target is that well armored, isn't it possible they're not what they claim to be?
Kevyn: Don't worry about it. I found out why there were no blueprints on record.
Kevyn: HTRN bought the building from the military following the terraforming wars. This used to be an office building for C.D.S. Brass.
Kevyn: It turns out those k-sinks are perfect for isolating sound stages. HTRN didn't really need the rest of that armoring.
Kevyn: Well. . . They didn't need it until we decided we wanted to knock their building down.
Captain Tagon: Elf will be really disappointed if we take our deposit and run away.