Sunday March 12, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part V: Glamour Assault


Narrator: A few days have passed. . . Planning continues.
Massey: You asked to see me, sir?
Tagon: I'm trying to go over this plan of yours, and I can't understand half the words you're using.
Massey: Oh. Sorry. Legalese is like that.
Tagon: "Concomitant." Isn't that a bird?
Massey: You're thinking of "cormorant." "Concomitant" means "occuring concurrently," or "attendant."
Tagon: Like the attendant who sells tokens for the HiTrans?
Massey: Umm. . . No. He would be a noun. I'm using an adjective.
Tagon: So we're not talking about a token selling bird, then.
Massey: How many words are you having trouble with, sir?
Tagon: Just the ones that I've highlighted.
Massey: I count at least a dozen, and I haven't gotten out of the first paragraph.
Tagon: That's as far as I got, too. I'm not sure you and I speak the same language.
Massey: This document outlines our plan to perpetrate insurance fraud, insider trading, and character assassination.
Massey: . . . Hopefully tripling our paycheck on this job.
Tagon: Okay, see? Those words I understand just fine. Use them more often.