Sunday October 1, 2006
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part II: Schlocktoberfest 2006


Narrator: The Levelhead is en route with its cargo of ores, cometary ice, foodstuffs, and a paper-wrapped mercenary warship surprise.
Narrator: Commander Andreyasn and Sergeant Schlock have spent the last two days playing some "family-favorite" board games.
Schlock: Hah! Yahtzee! That's a critical hit!
Kevyn: But my cleric is on a triple-word-score. He gets an attack of opportunity.
Schlock: Can I burn a point of edge?
Kevyn: No. I think you have to mortgage one of your hotels.
Narrator: This one's called "Munchkin-clix of Cataan."
Kevyn: And finally we have some company. Captain, are you getting this feed?
Captain Tagon: TAG and Ennesby are evaluating it now. The pair of Corvettes we were expecting is right out front.
Ennesby: Uh-oh. Bad news. Our friends brought a Destroyer to the party.
TAG: It is hanging back. I can take those Corvettes, but not without leaving us badly exposed.
Kevyn: Okay. . . Plan B. We let them take the ship, we keep the Touch-and-Go under wraps, and spring the trap once that Destroyer has peeled off for their next engagement.
Kevyn: If we let them take us home to unpack, we can roll up their whole base of operations in one go.
Captain Tagon: Kevyn, are you sure about this? That means letting them board the Levelhead, and. . . Oh, crap. We've got incoming, multiple tracks.
Kevyn: Breachers. It looks like they're bracketing me. These guys aren't messing around.
Kevyn: Ennesby, have the escorts give me some cover. No way are my shields going to deflect all of
Kevyn: . . . That. . .
Ennesby: Plasma lance! Direct hit on the Levelhead's conning tower.
Schlock: Kevyn? Can you hear me?
Kevyn: See that, Sergeant? That is a critical hit. . .