Sunday October 22, 2006
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part II: Schlocktoberfest 2006


Kevyn: . . .And then she convinced the fabber to cough up the finest multi-band comm unit I've ever seen.
Kevyn: I've spent the last two days stress-testing it, and it's solid. Her use of distributed design was brilliant. In order to knock out an armored soldier's communications in one shot, you would have to vaporize his head.
Captain Tagon: And that always works.
Kevyn: Well yeah, but these are pretty solid helmets.
Captain Tagon: So. . . The armor is working better now. Did you have a point to make besides that?
Kevyn: Yeah. Somewhere on Celeschul there's a secondary school counselor who completely failed this girl. If there were any justice she'd have half a dozen Doctorates and would be designing defense systems for wealthy, paranoid governments.
Captain Tagon: . . .Who would be using them to shoot at us.
Kevyn: Okay, so maybe it's not justice we want.
Captain Tagon: I still don't see your point. I promoted her, and now you're telling me she's qualified for the job?
Kevyn: Well. . . Yeah.
Captain Tagon: Which means you didn't think she was qualified before, even though you went along with it?
Kevyn: I. . . I guess I didn't. Should I have said something? Do I owe you an apology?
Captain Tagon: You probably owe her an apology.
Kevyn: She's going to feed me my nuances in very small bites, I just know it.