Sunday February 4, 2007
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part V: Dropping The Other Shoe


Narrator: Aboard the captured, (now contested) enemy warship. . .
Elf: C'mon, Kevyn. I've got a plan.
Kevyn: No, Elf. We all need to get off this ship. Forget any hope of fighting the owners back off of it.
Kevyn: They know we can still blow her up with any of the limpets attached to the hull. Once they retake the ship, they'll be in the same position they were in this morning, only with less ammo.

So you have to ask yourself "why would they come back and risk life and limb over something they can't keep?"

Elf: Maybe because they're desperate.
Kevyn: Maybe so, but what if they expect us to contest their return? What if they've been watching us, and know what assets we've got aboard the ship?
Kevyn: Go on. . . Think about it for a moment.
Elf: They want hostages.
Elf: You're so sweet. Thank you for helping me arrive at that conclusion myself.
Elf: But if you'd just said "they want hostages, let's run" you and I would be running instead of standing here.
Pirate Tanker: Can I get an amen for the sister in the front row?