Sunday February 18, 2007
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part V: Dropping The Other Shoe


Narrator: Aboard the enemy warship. . .
Kehlmerian Tanker: Your comrades have been captured and stripped. Surrender and strip naked now or they will be vaporized.
Elf: Got any ideas?
Kehlmerian Tanker: No talking. If you speak among yourselves, we will vaporize you.
Kevyn: Are we allowed to communicate telepathically?
Kehlmerian Tanker: Absolutely NOT!
Kevyn: Oh. Okay then.
Kehlmerian Tanker: Hrmmm. . . Are humans telepathic?
Kevyn: Not at all.
Kehlmerian Tanker: Then why ask?
Kevyn: I wanted to see what you would and would not let us do.
Kevyn: Now I know that if I spontaneously develop telepathic abilities, I am not allowed to tell my comrades that I'm out of ideas and we should do as you say.
Kehlmerian Tanker: New rule: No talking to me, either.
Kevyn: Is there anybody I am allowed to talk to?
Kehlmerian Tanker: And if you say anything else I will amputate your mouth at the hip.