Sunday July 15, 2007
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part II: Royal Flush


Narrator: The mercenary warship Touch-And-Go has teraported into Yoming-controlled space.
Narrator: That leg of the trip was instantaneous. The next part - flying to the planet - is not.
Narrator: Think of it as "commuting home from the airport," only with much faster airplanes.
Ennesby: Commander, You've got a call from UNS Ambassador to the Fleetmind, retired Admiral Breya Andreyasn.
Kevyn: Did my sister tell you to use her full, formal title, or are you just putting on airs for her sake?
Ennesby: Airs, of course. Plus maybe a little exposition.
Kevyn: Sis, how are you?
Ambassador Breya: I'm nervous. Long story short, there's plotting and scheming going on in the U.N.S., and I need to hire you.
Narrator: Meanwhile, elsewhere on the ship. . .
Petey: Captain, I wonder if you might accept a new contract from me.
Captain Tagon: We're on our way to King Xinchub's State funeral. Can it wait a couple of days?
Petey: No, but that's because I want you to steal his body after the funeral is over.
Captain Tagon: I think I can get the troops behind that mission.
Captain Tagon: His death made them so happy. . . I bet they'll jump at the chance to rob his grave.
Petey: Great. The details are here. I'll be in touch.
Captain Tagon: Kevyn, this just turned into a working vacation. I got a contract!
Kevyn: Really? I did too. But I'll bet you that mine is better.
Captain Tagon: Not a chance.
Kevyn: Okay, my sister wants to hire us to steal Xinchub's body and keep it out of the hands of the U.N.S. military. What could possibly be better than getting paid to desecrate the Fat Man's grave?
Captain Tagon: Getting paid twice to desecrate the Fat Man's grave.