Wednesday July 18, 2007
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part II: Royal Flush


Captain Tagon: I'm trying to swing an invitation to the funeral.
Kevyn: That would make it easier to steal the corpse, yes.
Captain Tagon: Shhh. . . I think he's picking up.
Captain Tagon: Prelate Apnon Souf? I'm Captain Kaff Tagon, my crew and
Prelate Souf: Tagon! You're the one who sold Xinchub to the Loyalists last year.
Captain Tagon: Err. . . Yes, but we
Prelate Souf: Never mind that! You neutral outsiders will be perfect!
Captain Tagon: So. . . We're invited to the funeral?
Prelate Souf: Invited? My Good Captain, we want to hire you as funeral security.