Saturday September 8, 2007
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part II: Royal Flush


Captain Tagon: Sergeant, when I sent you to the surface to help the gardener, I didn't want you to create in interplanetary incident.
Schlock: Sorry, sir.
Captain Tagon: I won't ask you for a full report, because TAG caught the whole thing with two different sensor suites.
Schlock: So you know that he swung first with his shovel, right?
Captain Tagon: Mmm-hmmm, this clip is particularly interesting.
Schlock: What's that, mister shovel? You say you want him to keep dancing, or you'll bury him in pieces?
Schlock: I have kind of a shovel-phobia, sir.
Captain Tagon: From the look of it, now the Palace Gardener does, too.