Sunday September 30, 2007
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part II: Royal Flush


Narrator: Upon the bier, a coffin 'pon whose fell pillows is. . . umm. . . an enemy! O'er whom there's now performed an exorcis-um.
Reverend Theo: Spirit! You who hovers near! I require a heedful ear!
Reverend Theo: Require? Nay, command, adjure! By Holy Powers, high and pure! By Trinity, and old gods dour! If necess'ry, by Greyskull's pow'r!
Reverend Theo: Naked pate, Blacklock, Coppertop, Blonde. Leave this world and go BEYOND!
Reverend Theo: Let not what should be fair repose lie tainted for your hate of foes! Let go your hate and choose the right! Idiot! Walk towards the light!
Reverend Theo: Chicken-bone, goat's milk, ballpoint pen! Everybody gimme a Grand AMEN!
Doctor Bunnigus: Amen?
Reverend Theo: Aaand that should take care of it.
Evil Spirit: How many have died at Xinchub's hand? How many haunt him even now? You seek to banish a single spirit. . .
Evil Spirit: . . . But we are L E G I O N !
Reverend Theo: Insomnia?
Doctor Bunnigus: Lullaby. My quarters, right now. No rhyming.