Sunday March 22, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part I: High Olympus Command


Narrator: Mission assignments aboard the Mato Mato. . .
Captain Tagon: I'm splitting the company into four independent commands for the next month. We can get more done, and make a lot more money that way.
Captain Tagon: Barsoom Command will be led by Lieutenant Michelle Diego-Garcia. 'Chelle has Schlock, Chisulo, and Elizabeth, and they'll be infiltrating the Barsoom Circus as deputies of the Marineris Dam City Police.
Captain Tagon: Olympus Command will be led by Commander Ellen Foxworthy. Elf, you've got Thurl, Ventura, and Platoon Two. You'll be in the High Olympus Shipyards making sure they fix the Touch-And-Go just the way we want it.
Captain Tagon: I'll have Platoons Three and Four, plus Lieutenants Shodan, Bunnigus, and Reynstein. We'll be on an extended security detail.

I'm calling this "Mallcop Command" because I couldn't think of anything more demeaning.

Captain Tagon: Finally, Commander Andreyasn will have Platoon One under Lieutenant Ebbirnoth. You're going back to Credomar. King Lota wants some teraport engineering done.
Kevyn: Credomar? Captain I hate that place! I'd just as soon blow it up as look at it!
Captain Tagon: Take Pi with you. If it needs to be blown up instead of looked at, you'll have everything you need.
Pibald: Oh, oh, ohhh. . . This time we'll do it up right, sir. I promise.
Captain Tagon: Whatever, just make sure we get paid.