Friday March 27, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part I: High Olympus Command
Note: In the second panel Reverend Theo Fobius refers to a conversation he had with Sergeant Schlock quite some time ago. The conversation is documented in the Bonus Story found exclusively within the covers of Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management. Are you titillated? Tempted? Do you feel empty, knowing that there are evil clowns in a Schlock Mercenary bonus story that you haven't read? Probably not, provided you already own that book...

Addendum to Note: In the spirit of providing a footnote that is not a thinly-veiled sales pitch for high-quality Schlock Mercenary merchandise, it should be pointed out that the author has in fact eaten horse. Raw. It was tender and delicious, almost sweet. He tried hard not to think about saddles, polo, or "My Little Pony."


Reverend Theo: Sergeant, I understand you volunteered for the circus mission?
Schlock: Yup. Circuses are fun.
Reverend Theo: I thought you had a bad experience, what with the shovels and evil clowns.
Schlock: Well, you know, get back on the horse and all that.
Schlock: Ohhh. . . Do you think the Barsoom Circus has horses?
Reverend Theo: I suppose that depends on whether you want to ride them or eat them.
Schlock: They're edible? Oh, lucky day!