Monday April 20, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part I: High Olympus Command


Thurl: I might be able to help you tweak the personality once I see how it acts. I think I know how Tagon will react to certain things.
Para Ventura: There's no "tweaking" after-the-fact here. The A.I.'s personality needs to be intrinsic, not a graft. Those personality overlays are why TAG broke in the first place.
Thurl: Well. . . In that case you're just going to have to grow the darn thing and find out if Tagon hates it. The worst he'll do is fire you, unless he really hates it and decides to kill you with his bare hands.
Para Ventura: I don't know why I thought a mercenary company job would encourage risk-taking. What was I thinking?