Thursday April 23, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part I: High Olympus Command
Note: Rising sea-levels and the presence of a wormgate in Sol system forced a rapid blending of languages during the late 21st century. The Tongic and Nuclear Polynesian families of tongues quickly congealed as pacific islanders, now pressured out of their homelands, banded together in their struggle to maintain a sense of cultural identity. This effort was proven futile by the fact that more than 75% of them were living in Southern Utah.


Thurl: So. . . Umm. . . Tag-
Tagioalisi: Tagialosi
Tagioalisi: It means "song of cicadas" in old-Earth Tongawiian.
Thurl: Aren't cicads the bugs that make that shrill, annoying noise all evening?
Tagioalisi: If you want regular reminders in an adversarial tone I am amply able to comply.
Para Ventura: Before you ask, yes, she picked the name.