Thursday September 10, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part III: Credomar Command


PI: Sir...  It just occurred to me that you're talking about assassination.

KEVYN: No, I'm talking about unmaking something I helped make, and only if I decide it has to be done.

PI: But King Lota is legally elected now.  If he needs to be removed from office, then aren't the citizens supposed to vote?

KEVYN: Sure.  But what if we learn that he rigged the election, eats babies, and plans to nuke Credomar if there's a referendum?

PI: Then I guess a dot of A/M-laced Boomex is going to leave a royal crater.

KEVYN: Where are you going to ge--

PI: *interrupting* I snuck some fullerened anti-matter into my carry-on.

KEVYN: Thank you for not mixing it with the powdered cream.