Sunday September 20, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part III: Credomar Command


NARRATOR: The Aleph Fabbery at the Credomaran Stationwaist...

LOTA: The system you design and build must be able to teraport entire city blocks and their underpinnings to a location of my choosing.

The areas designated in red are non-essential, and may be destroyed or discarded.

Those designated in black are to be left untouched.  They must not be 'ported or damaged.

KEVYN: Right.  What about atmosphere?

LOTA: Atmosphere will be provided at the destination, as will gravity, and an habitable ambient temperature.

KEVYN: So...  You want to be able to peel the inside of this station down to the annies and the hull, and then 'port all of those pieces onto a planet somewhere.

LOTA: An apt summary.

KEVYN: Do you have a planet in mind?  Someplace where they don't mind people dropping city-states on them in a pinch?

LOTA: That is being negotiated.

KEVYN: Right.  Of course it is.

KEVYN: You do understand what happens if they do mind?  If your evacuation teraports run afoul of teraport area denial?

Your people and their buildings go nowhere.  Mark III teraports are fail-safe when 'porting into contested destinations.

KEVYN: But that's just software.  You could override, hoping for the best, in which case the most likely result is the conversion of Credomar's population and property into a creamy blend of gravitational waves, neutrinos, and assorted spectra of radiant energy.

LOTA: Genocide would be a gross dereliction of Lota's duty as Credomar's Protector and King.

KEVYN: An apt summary.