Sunday September 13, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part III: Credomar Command


NARRATO: Credomar, aboard the express train to the Stationwaist...

KEVYN: I have an assignment for you Reverend.

REVEREND THEO: Beyond seeing to the spiritual needs of your platoon of bodyguards?  I was beginning to wonder why you'd asked me to come along on this trip.

I pray I may execute your instructions with ease and expedition, yet I also long for a challenge, that I may grow through service.

REVEREND THEO: So... lay it on me, Commander.  I'm getting bored.

KEVYN: I want you to determine whether or not Lota is evil.



REVEREND THEO: Do you want my discourse on the relative merits of moral absolutism and moral relativism, or--

KEVYN: *interrupting* Evil or not.  That's what I want.

REVEREND THEO: Do you have a measuring stick with "Evil" clearly labeled on it?  I have several, but they're all of differing lengths.

And some meaure along axes perpendicular to observable reality.

REVEREND THEO: The Reformed Cathostancists would delcare Lota to have no Eternal Component, and therefore be neither good nor evil, though such might be a tool for good or evil in the hands of others.

The Neosapiests would argue that Lota is capable of independent judgment, and must therefore be measured alongside all other inteeligent life.  But as strict relativists, they'd never deign to apply their own moral code to Lota's actions.

And of course the ancient Christians would counsel me not to judge unrighteously, lest an unrighteous judgment be applied to me in turn.  Perilous.

KEVYN: I just said I didn't want the discourse.

REVEREND THEO: Fine. Not evil.

Boredom beginning again in three...  Two...