Friday June 11, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part IV: Mallcop Command


CAPTAIN TAGON: Aliss, I know you're hiding something from me.  In this line of work that happens a lot.  I'm used to it.

CAPTAIN TAGON: But you're so skittish you're making me nervous.  That means I have to know more.

I get the concept of "need to know."  So I'll only ask for what I need to know.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Here's my question: does your secret pose a danger to me or my troops?

MISTER ALISS: Oh, Deepness, no!  My secret would be the killing of me.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Perfect.  As long as the secret isn't "I can't pay you" then I've got everything I need.