Wednesday June 23, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer


CAPTAIN TAGON: Shodan, thank you.

CAPTAIN TAGON: These last two weeks have been great.  They were relaxing, but still physically demanding.

I can almost imagine myself retiring to a job like this.  No life-or-death emergencies, or at least not very many.  Nobody shooting at me.  Just enough excitement to keep me sane, but not enough to kill me.

I'm not sure I want to leave.

TAILOR: Captain!  There you are!  You left your comm in your quarters.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Sorry.  That was sloppy of me.  What's going on?

TAILOR: Thurl is calling.  Your father has been kidnapped.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Vacation's over.  We're leaving.

SHODAN: Cue the running and shouting in three, two--

CAPTAIN TAGON: *interrupting* Now.