Sunday June 13, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part IV: Mallcop Command


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, at 10th South at the 45th on Six...

SHODAN: Gentlemen, I have a proposition for you.  But before I begin, let me couch this in terms you are familiar with.

SHODAN: I offer a window of opportunity, but it is one that you can only reach by performing a 3rd-dan leap from a moving platform.

SHODAN: Hesitate and the window is out of reach.  Stick the jump, and the world beyond the window is your wall-jumping, back-flipping playground.

TREVOR: Let's hear it, then.

SHODAN: I know why you came to Mall-One.  This is the last publicly accessible rotating reference frame in Sol System.  The Spinning Gardens of Babylon Five don't count, because all public access there is contained in forest-friendly catwalks.

SHODAN: You wanted to enjoy the thrill of Parkata Urbatsu in an environment that modern gravitics has rendered completely unique.

You also hoped to make good money from the footage of your big chase last night.

SHODAN: Had my troops and I been just the tiniest bit less competent, you'd have pulled it off.  You're quite good.

TREVOR: Thanks.

SHODAN: Sadly, you were not quite good enough.

TREVOR: Oh, a left-handed compliment.  Look, boys, he's ambidextrous.

SHODAN: Actually, I am.

On to the proposition: I will offer you the opportunity to run, jump, and play here at Mall-One and to get paid for it.

SHODAN: You will learn some new tricks, and you will accept the authority of an employer.

TREVOR: It sounds like a sweet deal, but management here is stodgy, and you're just the security contractor.

SHODAN: Parkata Urbatsu is far from being my only martial art.

On your behalf, I shall now exercise the Win/Win kata from 1st-dan Conversational Judo.