Sunday July 4, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer


NARRATOR: Briefing in progress aboard the Touch-And-Go

THURL: Six hours ago, at two a.m. their time, Captain Kevyn Andreyasn and General Karl Tagon were abducted.

THURL: Andreyasn had quite the home security system.  We've got footage from the incident showing significant return fire.  Also, his distress call includes a generous bounty for his rescue.  That's where we come in.

KEVYN: That sounds like my time-clone.  Though I am a little surprised they got him at all.

THURL: They almost didn't, but Andreyasn's security measures don't get all the credit for that.

THURL: General Karl Tagon emerged from his home next door with a carbine , and proceeded to inflict heavy casualties on the enemy.

KEVYN: So, either the General was in the shower, or he sleeps in the buff.

TAGON: That carbine used to hang behind his desk in the study.  I thought it was a show piece.

TAGON: I guess I don't know my dad all that well.  But I do know one thing.

Whoever took him is in big trouble.  Even unarmed, tied down, and sedated General Karl Tagon is dangerous.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile...

CAPT. KEVYN: That's a pretty effective set of restraints, Karl.

GEN. TAGON: I'll get out of 'em, Kev.  Just you wait.