Sunday July 25, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer


TAGON: *shouting* Elf!  Shodan!  The mission is on now!

TAGON: I need a platoon equipped and on my heels!  We're going to Kevyn's lab.

Both copies of Kevyn Andreyasn have teraport cages, but not for long.

SHODAN: *shouting* You heard the Captain!  Load for combat and run!

SHODAN: What's the plan, Sir?

TAGON: Plan A:  Teraport cage in, grab Kevyn-Prime and my dad, teraport cage back out.

TAGON: Plan B: Teraport cage in, grab K-Prime and Dad, disable the teraport area denial system, and have Ennesby 'port us back out.

ENNESBY: So I guess I'm coming along then.

SHODAN: Okay, what's Plan C?

TAGON: Assuming we can't drop their teraport area denial?  Cage in, grab K-Prime and Dad, and then hunker down until Tagii can punch through their defenses and rescue us.

ENNESBY: Sir, perhaps we should slow down and think this through a little more

ENNESBY: carefully?

TAGON: Show off for us.  Think while we run.