Sunday July 18, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, at 3317 Paris...

CAPT. KEVYN: It's done.

DAMICO: Already?  Forgive me if I doubt your ability to build a time machine in six hours.

Even with the help and supervision of Tippets and Goffel there.

CAPT. KEVYN: I built my first time machine in less time than that.

DAMICO: You didn't build that one at all!  According to your own account, you used existing equipment that had been under construction for 40,000 years.

CAPT. KEVYN: Exactly.  And many of those pieces are still in place.  Like the wormgate standing idle in Saturn's leading trojan, and the giant generator at the galactic core.

CAPT. KEVYN: There's a catch though.  Nobody is actually going to go back in time.

DAMICO: That sounds more of a fumble than a catch.  Is this a joke about moving forward in time?

CAPT. KEVYN: Not at all.  This system allows for messages to be sent back in time.  Want to change history?  Send a note.

One-way communication only, though, so you need to make your message as clear as possible in about two hundred characters.  The recipient doesn't get to ask the sender questions.

CAPT. KEVYN: Of course, paradox is a curious thing.

Now that the receiver is on, you may start getting messages you can't remember sending.


TIPPETS: "We disposed of Andreyasn after the seventh successful test, but then the machine stopped working."

CAPT. KEVYN: Crap.  That didn't take long.