Wednesday November 2, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


COL. MENENDEZ: Max Haluska, Sanctum Adroit client, paid in full.

Murtaugh's report suggests that you're guilty of extortion, murder, attempted mass-murder, and that you take your orders from the seamy crotch of some intelligence agency.

COL. MENENDEZ: If that's true, then turning you over to the courts would likely result in a gross miscarriage of Justice, and possibly additional loss of life.

Cell numbers (printed): 04   05

Sanctum Adroit Banner (printed): S A

MAX: Are you going to "disappear" me Colonel?

COL. MENENDEZ: No, but your paymasters in the seamy crotch sent someone to collect you.  Perhaps that's his job.