Friday November 25, 2011
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part I: Read


AMB. GAV: Kevyn, I'm not just here for the wedding.  I've got business.

KEVYN: I know.  You're am anbassador.

You Evs are gavrywhere.

AMB. GAV: We are.  Also, did you know that you spoonerize when drunk?

KEVYN: I'm not drunk.  I'm still conscious.

AMB. GAV: Spoken like a true alcoholic.

AMB. GAV: When you're sober, I want to talk more about memory alteration.  One of the Gavcorp divisions has been experimenting with diversifying ourselves.  Radically.

Memory revision, skill implants, body modification... they've done it all, and the whole division is applying it to a project.

AMB. GAV: And they might need your...  oh.  I guess this means you're drunk now.