Sunday November 27, 2011
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part I: Read


PETEY: Hello, Ambassador.

AMB. GAV: Hello, Petey.

PETEY: Worried about your friend?

AMB. GAV: Admiring the view.

AMB. GAV: I can see three more of these flying cities before I lose them to starlight and the horizon.

AMB. GAV: This tiny sliver of what you and your fleetmind have built is amazing.  And it's beautiful, and I find that amazing, too.

PETEY: It must be.  You've told me this before.

AMB. GAV: There are nine-hundred-and-forty-eight-point-eight million of me.  I repeat myself a lot.

PETEY: More than you think.  You, Gav Ambassador 2114-a, have personally complimented me on my expeditious architecture three times now.

To be fair, you were happily full of Guinness all three times.