Sunday November 20, 2011
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part I: Read


NARRATOR: Amorphs break a lot of things.

Sign: NO      G

NARRATOR: Notably, rules.


NARRATOR: The flexibility granted amorphs by the absence of a locked-in, large-scale physical structure may imbue them with a measure of disrespect for rigidity.

NARRATOR: This line of thinking could launch a career in carbosilicate amorph research.

NARRATOR: Sadly, there are only a few such amorphs available for study.

SCHLOCK: Captain Tagon, sir!

SCHLOCK: Commander Andreyasn had his comm off.  He's in the Handy Canon drinking depth charges with the Gav Ambassador.

TAGON: It took you an awfully long time to locate him, Sergeant.

SCHLOCK: I invented three new depth charges!

NARRATOR: Sergeant Schlock would make a great research subject if not for the fact that he would make such an incredibly poor research subject.