Sunday March 4, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


NARRATOR: The mercenary warship Touch-And-Go, on approach to Oisri...

KEVYN: Chief Chevre, Commander Andreyasn here...  I have an unusual request.

GUS: You guys seem to be made out of those.  What do you need, Commander?

KEVYN: Matter.  We've been fabbing a defense network to secure the space around Oisri, and we need more raw materials.

GUS: Get to the point.  Do you need to fly off shopping somewhere?

KEVYN: No, we've got a full fabbery.  Any material will do, as long as we can get a lot of it.

KEVYN: My point.  Right.

I'm sort of admiring your tails.

KEVYN: You know, that big mountain of leftovers that came out of that hole of yours?

GUS: Thank you, I know what tails are, Commander.