Sunday August 5, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


AMB. GAV: Kevyn, Gavcorps hired you to protect these people.  Are you giving up?

KEVYN: No, I'm declaring failure.  The facility and all her personnel are heavily compromised.

I suspect that the next incident we experience will have catastrophic results.  It is time to pack up and go home.

AMB. GAV: Oh, so using ship lances against human targets in Medical wasn't catastrophic?

KEVYN: It was a fair start.

TAGII: Excuse me Captain.  We're under attack.

KEVYN: Nice timing.  Serendipitous, even.

TAGII: It is a squadron of Chiphethran corvettes.  Fortune hunters, I suspect.  Maybe mercenaries.

KEVYN: Have we hailed them?

TAGII: We have.

KEVYN: Have they responded?

TAGII: They destroyed the decoy from which our hails originated.

KEVYN: So... definitely hostile.

TAGII: Like I said, we're under attack.

KEVYN: Have you got this?

TAGII: Oh, absolutely.

TAGII: Okay.  Threats neutralized.

KEVYN: Good work, Tagii.  Thank you.

AMB. GAV: Your company is doing fine, see?  No "catastrophic results."

TAGII: You should see the other guys.

No really.  Watch for pretty lights just above the southern horizon in six minutes.