Sunday August 26, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: Station Imo, the lowest point of Oisri Dig Base, has been drastically reconfigured.

The entire underside is as black as black can be, and not just because that's easy to draw.

It is covered with an array of extremely efficient optical receivers, and outside light is screened from entry.

NARRATOR: Stationed above Oisri's single optical patch-point, Imo must filter extraneous signals from the impending attempts at communication.

DIETZ: How's the checklist looking, Kent?

NARRATOR: "Immediately impending," to be precise...

KENT: I'm stuck on this last one.

"Alert security personnel that the artifact signaling experiments have begun."

DIETZ: Our watchdogs currently have their armored knickers in a bunch.

KENT: I bet there's no point trying to get permission if they're already cranky from crotch-knots.

DIETZ: I bet they'll be even crankier if we tell them the "sequence start" button is red.