Sunday August 12, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


NARRATOR: Aboard the Touch-And-Go...

The shuttle has returned from dropping Ambassador Gav at the Admin Wing.

Chief Thurl was aboard.  He's here to collect Lieutenant Pibald's goody bag.

KEVYN: The exploding quarantine seems like an empty gesture now, but we need to do more than simply wait for the other shoe to drop.

How soon before we can safely get Tagon back out of there?

TAGII: Doctor Bunnigus sent me the latest scans.  I see zero indication of weaponized nan remaining in medical.

KEVYN: There's one piece of good news, then.

TAGII: Thurl must still worry about contamination.  He is wearing his old uniform.

KEVYN: Really?  Put him on for a moment.

TAGII: He is not responding.  I have lost track of


TAGII: My core!  Thurl is disconnnnnnxxxtph

KEVYN: So the other shoe is a mutiny.  Lovely.