Sunday October 7, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: Mall-One, Sol System...

GEN. TAGON: Okay, story time.  I'll try to make this quick.

KATHRYN: I'm not in a hurry, General.

GEN. TAGON: This isn't about you.

SFX: mouthzip

GEN. TAGON: Okay, then.

GEN. TAGON: We were having a family party, and Kaff brought a girl.

She was a cute kid.  Smart, too.  I can see what the boy saw in her.

Ironic, I guess.  Nobody saw what was actually in her.

We never did figure out if she was complicit in the plot, whether she was a knight, or just somebody else's pawn.

KATHRYN: What plot?

GEN. TAGON: You haven't figured it out?  You already know that my family died just before the Terraforming War began, girl.

KATHRYN: Oh, no...

GEN. TAGON: More accurately, they died in the opening salvo of the war, in the first strike that took out key political, industrial, and military figures.

It was a hell of a strike, too.  Ninety-five percent successful.

KATHRYN: And you lived.

GEN. TAGON: I got promoted from colonel to general overnight.  It made my career.

GEN. TAGON: Which is good, I guess, because my career was the only thing I had left.