Monday October 15, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: Oisri Dig Base, Admin Wing...

AMB. GAV: Is this thing on?  I need some help!

ELF: *on comm* This is Commander Foxworthy.  Take the next left and run for Security.  We'll be expecting you.

I show you in a set of civvy armor.  How's it working for you?

AMB. GAV: Gus bounced right off me, I ran through a wall, and the cloud of killer nannies hasn't eaten me yet.

*screaming, on comm* WAAAUUUUGH! 

Okay, I just gave both catheters an instant-on stress test.

ELF: Yup.  There it is on your telemetry.  Nice flow.