Sunday September 23, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: Five A.U. south of Earth, aboard the U.N.S. battleplate Morokweng...

EMM: Report, Krum.

KRUM: Pseudowalski Zero was very effective, but the second generation got disrupted.  The program is--

EMM: *interrupting* Stop.

I don't want to hear you sing the praises of your super-soldier.

I don't want a slide deck explaining how your fork of the Laz'R'Us source aligns with what you think my objectives are.

EMM: I'm too old, too tired, and in far too much of a hurry to play C.Y.A. with an "A" that hasn't seen P.T. since whisky tangoed a foxtrot.

So... report, Krum.

KRUM: The Gavs have started communicating with the artifact, and the Toughs have begun shooting out the entertainment modules.

EMM: Pull the Pseudowalski trigger now, before we lose the trigger entirely.

KRUM: Thank you for the vote of confidence, Admiral.

EMM: I'm not expressing confidence.  I'm giving you more rope in the expectation that you'll hang yourself.