Sunday October 21, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: Mall-One, Sol System, the General's story continues, now with more bourbon...

GEN. TAGON: I hesitated for just a moment, but once I knew what had to be done, I moved fast.

I grabbed Mirali and the girl, pulled them close.

I barked an order at Kaff: "Incendiary!  My position! Now!"

See, Mirali had already inhaled.  Not even immediate cryostasis could save her.

GEN. TAGON: Since the cloud hadn't dispersed yet, I hoped we could disrupt or destroy the nannies before they got to anyone else.

Kaff hesitated.  I was asking him to firebomb his parents and his girlfriend, so he hesitated.

The boy hadn't figured it out yet.  Slow.

GEN. TAGON: I had grenades in my belt, same as his, standard issue.  But I had to let go to get at them.

I had to let go.

Soon as I did, the girl spit a cloud of swarming, microscopic death clear across the room.

Kaff got his helmet up in time.  The rest was fire, screaming, and then silence.  And then there was a war on.

The end.

KATHRYN: Refill, sir?

GEN. TAGON: They don't make bottles big enough for this kind of empty.