Sunday September 30, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: Mall-One, Sol System...

KATHRYN: General, I got tired of waiting for your story, so I cheated.

If you recall, I told you a story about losing half my friends during the destruction of a battleplate.

Since then you've acted like you have a story that will top it, but I get the feeling "topping it" isn't how you want to frame your story.

KATHRYN: From that I deduced that you lost close friends or family, and the story is so personal you're reluctant to tell it during a typical tale swap in the bar.

KATHRYN: I began by researching your immediate family, and as I'm sure you'd expect, I immediately ran up against a wall.

KATHRYN: The wall was made of locked records.  Without clearance, I cannot determine how your wife, your parents, or your two youngest children died.

KATHRYN: All I know is that they all died just before the Terraforming Wars began, and that you and your oldest son lived.

Given the way the two of you soft-shoe around each other, I think this particular story isn't one I want to hear.

GEN. TAGON: I never thought I'd meet an analyst who'd stop before ferreting out that final, fetid piece of filthy intel.

KATHRYN: But I'm pretty sure it's a story you need to tell.

GEN. TAGON: Oh, hullnuts.  Now you're the other kind of analyst.