Wednesday March 6, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


GEN. TAGON: We're bringing Barry's aerialists with us, the Parkata Urbatsu or "P.U." crew.

TAGON: I've met them.

GEN. TAGON: Alexia Murtaugh, formerly of Sanctum Adroit is also coming with us.  Bristlecone insisted.

TAGON: Since when do we let the A.I. dictate the T.O.E.?

BRISTLECONE: My additions to your Table of Organization and Equipment will be helpful.  Trust me.

TAGON: If I wanted to trust an A.I. to make decisions for me, I'd stay here on the couch.

PETEY: That offer is still open, Captain.

GEN. TAGON: Training wheels or apron strings, Boy.  It's your call.