Sunday March 17, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Aboard Bristlecone...

GEN. TAGON: Make her a sergeant.

TAGON: Are you kidding me?  Dad, she's a complete unknown!

MURTAUGH: I'm right here.

GEN. TAGON: She's not U.N.S. Intel, and she's not trying to steal this ship back.

TAGON: How can you possibly know that?

MURTAUGH: Listening to every word, boys.

GEN. TAGON: I'm old, and I'm smart about a few things.

I've got her pegged as a knight errant, a ronin.  She's a sullied paladin questing for redemption.

MURTAUGH: Gentlemen, I'm standing between you.

TAGON: Yes, but we're talking about you.  Not to you.

MURTAUGH: Then I'll talk to you.  Start me as a sergeant.  I'll shadow another N.C.O. until I know the company ropes.

TAGON: Fine.

Chief Warrant Officer Thurl couldn't come along.  The highest-ranking N.C.O. on board is Sergeant Schlock.

MURTAUGH: Sanctum maiori excrementum.  Isn't Schlock the violent blob with the plasma cannon?

TAGON: Now he's the violent blob holding your rope.  Sergeant.