Wednesday March 20, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky

Note: The Challenge Coin tradition was widely branched by the early 21st century, so it should surprise no-one that by the late 31st it varied so much that practitioners, adherents, and coin-carriers at the edges of the spectrum wouldn't recognize those at the other edge, and if coin challenges erupted between them, they'd be more likely to result in weapon discharges and the involvement of law enforcement personnel than in rounds of drinks.


MURTAUGH: I knew C.D.S was anti-tradition, but what they've done to you, and done through you to your company?  It's execrable.

Immediate rectification is in order.

TAGON: What are you talking about?

MURTAUGH: We need to mint this company some coinage, and I'm headed down to Cargo anyway.

Elevator: *printed* LIFT 1

MURTAUGH: I've got your logo, the byline, the founding date.  I'll let Stamp-App throw some random boilerplate under it...

MURTAUGH: There!  How do you like that design?  I think it came out pretty sharp.

TAGON: Sharp?  All I see is a round thing being held by a brand new headache.