Sunday November 3, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Bristlecone, Command Deck...

TAGON: Slip around to the south side of the godwall, and then climb.  That should keep the surgery team out of the kill zone.

TAGON: Elf, get a reload team ready.  Chelle's the only one aboard who has done it before.

NARRATOR: North side of the broken godwall, field surgery...

SHODAN: I called Chelle.  She's got the CN11 in hand, and is grabbing an escort.

TAILOR: Tell her to hurry.

SHODAN: I thought you had Ch'vorthq stabilized?

TAILOR: I may have used the wrong word there.  How do you feel about "slowly burning to death?"

NARRATOR: Maindeck...

ELF: Chelle!  We need to reload the missile pods!

CHELLE: I'm already spoken for, Commander.

It's easy to do, though.  Bristlecone can teach a monkey to do it.

ELF: We're fresh out of monkeys.  I'm going to have to resort to using corporals.

NARRATOR: Command Deck...

BRISTLECONE: Captain, the incoming salvo is ten times larger than the first one.

TAGON: How quickly can we reload the missile pods?

BRISTLECONE: Not that quickly.

NARRATOR: Field surgery...

SHODAN: Will the CN11 kit stop the burning?

TAILOR: No.  It's just a place for us to put his brain while we watch his body auto-immolate.

PI: I have a new favorite word.

NARRATOR: Maindeck...

CHELLE: Wilson!  Eccles!  Hardsuits, now!

And pucker up.  We're deploying hot.

ECCLES: The hardsuits have auto-catheters, ma'am.  They're sort of... self-puckering.

CHELLE: Nice one, Eccles.  Now stow the chatter until you've got force multipliers all up in your funny places.