Sunday November 17, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


NARRATOR: Bristlecone, Command Deck...

LIZ: Permission to speak freely sir?  Er... I mean, sirs.

TAGON: The shooting has stopped.  Sure.  What's on your mind?

LIZ: Coin check.

KEVYN: Mine's down in the lab on Cargo Deck.

TAGON: Mine's in my quarters.  I'll send—

LIZ: *interrupting*  No sending.

LIZ: One step, and arm's length.

There are rules.  I checked.

TAGON: This is a little ridiculous.

LIZ: My feelings precisely.

LIZ: Oh, wait.  You mean the coin check is ridiculous.

I meant it was ridiculous that you didn't have yours.

LIZ: You can't expect a token of honor to mean anything to the rest of us if it doesn't mean anything to you.

TAGON: I...  Umm...

KEVYN: Pop that mini-sandwich into your mouth.  It'll leave less room for your feet.