Sunday August 17, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part II: Conflict


NARRATOR: Arrival at Villa Gondwanamere...

BREYA: I need a few minutes alone with Lieutenant Sorlie.

Schlock, Legs, and Mac... get out.

BREYA: I like you, Lieutenant.  I especially like how you're not comfortable spying on your own government.

I suspect you violated the spirit of the orders you were given when you were tapped as the cultural liaison here.  Assuming you didn't disobey them outright.

SORLIE: Acknowledged, ma'am.  Though I'm not at liberty to confirm or deny any of that.

BREYA: Nicely put.

What I would dearly love to do next is speak with the top of your command chain.

If your handlers are listening in, I suspect they can relay this message.

SORLIE: They can.  You remember that "three-two-one" thing Haban did with Officer Libretti?

HABAN: General Bala-Amin is holopresent, and requests an audience.

SORLIE: Come on, Chesapeake!  You guys didn't leave me time to count!

BALA-AMIN: *holoprojected* Did you expect me to deign to appear when you snapped your fingers?

SORLIE: In a moment of ill-considered indiscretion I did actually think that would have been cool, sir.