Monday August 18, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part II: Conflict

Note: The term "Pandora’s box" stems from an incorrect translation of "Pandora’s Jar," or "Pandora’s Urn." Subsequent Re-translations and updated tellings have clarified things a bit, but the “box” version remains the most popular. And this in spite of the rave critical reviews for the Broadway musical biohazard training event, Pandora’s Level 4 Containment Failure.


BREYA: General, the Toughs sent me a message.  "We have the box, we need a panda."

BALA-AMIN: *holoprojected* Are you asking for cryptanalysis services, or help finding a panda?

BREYA: The message was quite clear once I realized it had been garbled.

BREYA: "We have the box, we need Pandora."

BALA-AMIN: *holoprojected* Are you asking for containment services, or do you need to beef up your personal security?