Sunday January 18, 2015
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


NARRATOR: Hammers and node-jacks and new headsets...

taxi: *displayed* OFF DUTY···

MAKO: If we can breach the armory at the 7th Redoubt, we could recover my old tater.

SORLIE: The one you reprogrammed into a small super-weapon? Chester told me about that.

He has other plans for it.  Captain Landon was last seen entering the 7th Redoubt.

MAKO: Landon's huge, and I'm sure he's good in a scrap, but he would have been surrounded by armed officers.

taxi: *displayed* KILL KILL KILL

MAKO: I suspect he's lying on the floor, bleeding from fifty different holes.

SORLIE: Maybe, but he did answer his phone.

NARRATOR: 7th Redoubt...

LANDON: Chesapeake, the aid station wants to sedate me for surgery. I think sixty-one penetrating wounds is just over my limit.

CHESTER: The poor thing is afraid to risk your life. I'll have a word with it.

LANDON: Argue quickly.  Hibernation beckons, but unless I'm better fed it's just a dirt-nap.