Sunday February 1, 2015
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


NARRATOR: There is a rich history behind the terms used by those who conduct war.  Consider "cavalry:"

On Earth, warriors on horseback played a significant part in the rise of numerous empires.

unknown (voiceover): That hole isn't staying plugged!

NARRATOR: Cavalry had such an impact upon terran warfare that the term remained in use far longer than the horse did.

MURTAUGH (voiceover): Regroup!  We'll go over the side again!

NARRATOR: Fleets of armored limousines might be "cavalry corps," tank divisions were often called "armored cavalry," and "orbital cav" patrolled lunar skies.

NARRATOR: In popular entertainment, "cavalry" became synonymous with rescue of some sort.

UTCHI-SKAFATKA (voiceover): Unwise, Captain.  J.S.C. weapons below are trained on all available egress.

MURTAUGH: We landed in their killbox?

UTCHI-SKAFATKA: We did.  I am sor...  No, belay that.

Heads down!  Cavalry incoming!

NARRATOR: We might ask what the ancient warriors would think of modern units bearing the name they made famous.

NARRATOR: Sergeant Schlock has no horse, no armor, and no sword, but even the mightiest Mongol horse-warrior would see in him a fit heir.