Sunday March 1, 2015
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


NARRATOR: Neosynchronicity...

ELF: Everybody wait!  We do get another shot.

Mako, give us a good look at that column of troops, and then get clear.

NARRATOR: Deep beneath Dom Atlantis...

MAKO: I'm not getting clear.  The enemy has regrouped and dusted off.  We have maybe two minutes before they hit the garrison again.

ENNESBY: Based on her feed, Mako can't reach minimum safe distance in two minutes.

MAKO: It's okay, Commander Foxworthy.  I've taken too many lives to be afraid of laying down my own.


ELF: Okay then.  You have forty seconds to make your peace, or whatever.

MAKO: More time than I need.  Just fire.

ELF: *on comm* Thirty-two seconds...

MAKO: What are you people waiting for?

ELF: Some of us do have time to reach minimum safe distance.

NARRATOR: Minimum safe... Commander Foxworthy, what exactly are you doing to my ship?

ELF: What's that, Captain?  You're breaking up on me.