Sunday February 15, 2015
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


SORLIE: We're caught between a rock and a hard place.  Per the aphorism, we need to move sideways.

KATHRYN: All the exits have rocks, or hard places.  If we're going to go sideways, we need additional dimensions.

MURTAUGH: Teraport area denial prevents that, and it's too well distributed to be shut down in time.

SORLIE: That Credomaran cannon can fire through teraport area denial.

MURTAUGH: He calls himself The Long-Gunner of the Apocalypse, and we don't have his current contact information.

SORLIE: But... the "NUSPI" array in the nose of your ship.  It's basically a miniature version of that cannon, right?

SORLIE: USE IT!  Fire it through worm-space, past all the shields, intervening buildings, everything, and incinerate that enemy force!

MURTAUGH: The weapon requires very precise 5-space coordinates.  Unfortunately, all the cameras and hypernodes down there are gone, or jammed.

KATHRYN: Scooter Squadron can put eyes on the enemy.

MURTAUGH: That... that might work.

SORLIE: Good enough.  Chesapeake!  Handle targeting!  And please...

Please get Admiral Chu to hold off until Ennesby has fired.

KATHRYN: This solution sounds really exciting, but can we run away a little bit, just in case?