Sunday February 22, 2015
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


NARRATOR: Capitol Infrastructure Defense Garrison "Echo..."

garrison soldier: CID-Cee, we've been hit!  The enemy has breached Ring Two, and jammed our cameras.  We're falling back to Ring One, and will hold them there.

CID-Cee: Negative, Ghost-Echo!  Be advised: air support is incoming.  Fall back to Ring Zero and batten down.

garrison soldier: Air support?  We're two klicks below the city!

NARRATOR: Scooter Squadron, two klicks below the city...

CHESTER: *on comm* Targets acquired.  Coordinates and full imagery sent.

NARRATOR: Neosynchronicity...

ENNESBY: Chesapeake, I only see two companies!

Where is the rest of that division?  I need to connect the dots, not fire on one point!

CHESTER: *on comm* Fanning out.  I'll...

Nope.  Scooters are gone.

That single point is the only coordinate you're getting.

ENNESBY: This?  This is why we don't fly combat recon using civilian vehicles.

CHESTER: *on comm* The army you've got is never the army you want.

ELF: Ennesby, open the fire path at the garrison perimeter here, and aim the beam along this line.

ENNESBY: Why that line?  How can you be sure they're...


ENNESBY: You're guessing.

ELF: The intel you've got is never the intel you want.