Sunday October 18, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part II


NARRATOR: Cleanup begins near Celgate...

CDRE TAGON: The U.N.S. isn't willing to take credit for this.

Our Long Gun shots are going to make the news.

KEVYN: Commodore, did you explain what's at stake here?

CDRE TAGON: Yes. The U.N.S. doesn't care about political fallout that lands on somebody besides them. They've got their own problems.

KEVYN: This is everybody's problem. The Long Gun is only dangerous if your enemies know what to shoot at.

CDRE TAGON: You've just described every weapon ever, Captain.

KEVYN: Every other weapon can be defended against in some way, even if your enemy happens to have your location.

KEVYN: The only way to defend against the Long Gun is to be invisible, un-findable. That's impossible in a connected world. Panic will result in the severing of hypernet communications everywhere. For everyone.

The galaxy will go dark.

TAGON: So it's like the early 21st, when aliens broke the Internet?

CDRE TAGON: It wasn't aliens. It was top secret government ad agencies. Everybody knows that.

KEVYN: Nobody knows who it was, because the Internet was broken.