Sunday September 27, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part II


NARRATOR: Situation report...

IAFA: A small, unknown force has hijacked the communications systems and point defenses of Pugnum Culubris, the Sanctum Adroit depot.

From their position in Cindercone's hold, the depot hostiles jammed all of our communications, opening an attack window for an ad-hoc fleet of twenty-two pirate warships.

The Port Authority ships are nowhere to be seen. They've either been drawn off, destroyed, or are complicit in the attack.

CDRE TAGON: Our response?

IAFA: We established a line-of-sight communication network. Commander Ebbirnoth is dropping through the hold, and will assault the depot's communications center with a platoon of Toughs.

Cindy is shielding Ebby's platoon from the depot's point defenses with cargo baffles. Shots have been fired.

Cindy threw some of those very expensive baffles through hatch five, successfully stringing out our attackers, who are quite undisciplined. Two pirate vessels were destroyed fighting over the prize.

The remaining pirates are not yet strung out enough for us to execute defeat-in-detail. The Broken Wind is more than a match for any three of those warships, but there are twenty of them.

Once Ebby's team has shut down the jamming we can call Chinook and get Long-Gun support. The pirate fleet will be disabled seconds later.

CDRE TAGON: Just "disabled?"

IAFA: Your son cited Maxim 1, and said, and I quote, "if we disintegrate them we lose the ability to take all their stuff."